Dex White Pages

The telephone book was initially created to bring people together in perfect communication.  Since 1876, when Graham Bell connected the world with the patent of the first ever telephone, people communicated more and more using a technology that has resisted and is still being widely used even until today.

The one thing that connected all the phones in the world was the telephone book, later evolving into the Dex White Pages. The telephone book was made of the white pages and yellow pages, both with the role of making people aware of other people or businesses.

The first directory was sent out to the public in 21 February 1878. It consisted of listing containing 50 small businesses in Connecticut.


The Dex White Pages offer a new way to handle the information in regards to finding people and connecting with them.  Searching somebody online, typing in a name or a phone number gives you access to information instantly, without having to scroll manually through thick books in order to find the people you seek.

Starting the year 2013, most of the carriers that printed out white and yellow pages have gone green. Nowadays they send all the bills in electronic format, which gives a big advantage to the environment, considering the fact that tons of paper are made every day from trees. The same thing has been applied recently to the big two colored book that arrived every year at a person’s footsteps, replaced today with electronic alternatives.

Online services like Dex White Pages have been created in order to facilitate and help the environment. Using such online websites facilitates the user experience with searching for someone, at the same time giving a breath of fresh air to the planet by sparing tons of wood.

Of course, there are still people, especially elder folk that still prefer to have the trusty book at their doorstep every year. By request, some companies offer the printed version at a cost and only by filling out some forms and paying an environment tax for the paper used.

In the end, if you want a fast, reliable and easy way to find your friends, family or people you know, the Dex White Pages are the number one solution for you. Finding someone in the white pages or reverse white pages has never been easier. Two clicks separate you from all the people and their contact information that they have made public.